The Gold Ring

Even though we didn’t farm we lived on 40 acres of farmland.  We had ponies, ginny’s, horses, and cows on the property, none of which belonged to us.  There was a creek, a barn, an apple orchard, and lots of places to play.

We loved to play softball, the only problem was that we didn’t own a bat or a ball, so we had to improvise.   We used a stick for a bat, a walnut for a ball, and dried cow patties for bases. 

We would beg mother to let us go out and play after supper, foregoing our chore of washing dishes, until there was no more daylight to see the ball.  Often she would let us.  We had so much fun running those bases, but we didn’t slide into home for fear of getting more than dirt on us.

My younger sister loved jewelry and particularly gold rings.  She still loves jewelry and gold rings, come to think of it.  She could be a little brat, as all siblings can,  and my older sister and I looked for ways to get even with her for the things she would do to us.

Suz and I were outside playing when I decided to take advantage of the moment.  We came upon a cow pattie that wasn’t quite dry yet.  I stopped and said, “Suz, LOOK, there’s a gold ring in that cow pile.”  She replied, “Where?”  I told her that she would have to get really close to see it.  Down on her knees she went to get a bird’s eye view of that gold ring.Just as she got close enough to it, I pushed her face into it.  I know…that would seem a terrible thing to do and I suppose it was, but it sure felt good at the time. 

Suz hasn’t forgotten the incident either, and both of us laugh about it to this day. 

I don’t think that there is a moral to this story, but there certainly is some entertainment and some payback!

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