You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

My mother was an awesome cook and was well known for her ability to make the most beautiful and delicious cakes.  She would not even entertain the use of a cake mix.  She made everything from scratch.  The cakes won blue ribbon upon blue ribbon at the Kentucky and
Tennessee state fairs.

Uncle Bill loved Mother’s Prune Cake.  The recipe had been passed down from my grandmother and it was a family favorite.  Mother knew that her prune cake was Uncle Bill’s favorite, so she made plans to bake one for his birthday.   She got an early start by baking the cake first thing that morning.  The aroma of the cake baking in the oven filled the house.  Mother took it out of the oven to cool and left to run some errands.

The day or two before, my sister, Donna, had made arrangements to have the piano tuned.  She told the piano tuner that the door would be left unlocked for him.  In those days, no one thought anything of letting a stranger come into the house when you weren’t at home.  One just trusted that everything would be okay.  We had also been having some problems with some of the drainpipes in the house, so Mother had phoned a plumber, but didn’t have a solid date or time for when he could come.

A few hours passed and Mother and Donna returned to find the piano tuner tuning the piano.  He called to her “Come on in.  I’m the piano tuner.”  As she made her way to the living room, he continued, “Nina called.  She said she would call back later.  I let the plumber in, and by the way, that prune cake was delicious!”  Mother said, “What do you mean the prune cake was delicious?”  The piano tuner replied “Oh Curtis, (my brother), dropped by and cut a piece for me and the plumber.  We had a real nice conversation.  He sure is a nice young man.”  Mother immediately ran to the kitchen stove to discover a good portion of Uncle Bill’s prune cake missing!

As all of the details of the story unfolded that day, we all found it to be quite hysterical, but nothing was so funny as listening to Mother tell it.  She would laugh so hard that she couldn’t talk, trying to get the story out.  The only one of our friends and family who didn’t find the story to be amusing was Uncle Bill.  You had to feel a little bit sorry for him; after all, it was his favorite.

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