My Heroes

Mother & DaddyWhen I think about heroes and who I have looked up to in my life, I have to put my parents at the top of the list. 

They taught us so much.  I had 2 brothers and 3 sisters; five of us are still living.  Mother and Dad taught us how to love God with our whole heart, how to extend a hand to the needy, and the art of hospitality.  No one was ever a stranger in our home, and we had lots of visitors whom we didn’t know.

They taught us to never carry a grudge, to forgive, and that a single chicken can feed eight people and to be thankful for it.  They taught us to pursue our dreams and that we could do anything we set our minds to do and never to give up until we achieved our goals.

We were taught that if we were fortunate to have been given talent, we were to use those talents for the Lord and to honor Him with them.  We are all musical in some way and were expected to perform for every guest that ever entered our home.

We also learned that it doesn’t take money or any material possession, for that matter, to be happy, because we certainly had neither, but that was okay…we had each other.  A real hero teaches us a lesson to live by example and exemplify what is important.  That’s why my parents are my heroes!

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