First Grade At Inskip

pam-first-grade.jpgInskip.  What a name for a school!  But, that was the name of the elementary school I attended, and also the name of the community.

I couldn’t wait to go to first grade.  With four older siblings going to school and leaving me behind every day, I was more than ready.  September was quickly approaching.  As the time grew closer, I began to get a little nervous.  I told Mother,  “They won’t want me at school.  I don’t know how to read or write.”  Mother explained that was the reason I would be enrolling in first grade.

Our school was overcrowded.  The post-war years had produced a lot of us.  That’s why we are called the Baby Boomer generation.  My first grade class had to meet in the boys locker room, off of the gymnasium.  I recall our library tables being in the shower room.  My teacher didn’t think it was at all humorous when my curiosity got the best of me.  I just HAD to see if the shower worked.  It did!

I settled into first grade and discovered that I loved to learn.  Arithmetic was fun.  Mrs. Wilcox was so sweet.  I adored her.  She woud give each of us ten Popsicle sticks.  We would use these to “take away” and “add”.  She didn’t call it addition and subtraction. 

About six weeks into the school year, Mrs. Wilcox left.  We got a new teacher.  This new gal was a screamer and I did not like that!  One day, she had yelled, and screamed, and hollered until I couldn’t take it anymore.  I got my 5 year old behind up and headed for home.  I walked the long route home, steaming, but still proud of myself for taking such a bold stand. 

When I arrived at home, Mother was stunned.  “Pamela!  What are you doing home?”, she asked.  “Well, I’m tired of that teacher yellin’ and screamin’ at me.  She’ll look out and see I’m gone, and she’ll be sorry!”,I stood firm in my beliefs.  Mother put my baby sister and me in the car and drove straight to the school.  When she drove up to the door, she could hear the teacher screaming.  Boy-eeee!  My mother whipped in there like no-body’s business and gave that teacher a talkin’ to.  “I can hear you all the way outside.” she said.  “Could you really?”,asked Teacher.  She promised Mother that she would do better, but I don’t remember having to go back to the classroom that day, and the teacher didn’t keep her promise.  The whole year was so bad, that I have blocked her name from my memory.  Maybe it will come to me when I tell you about the day I got to visit the Principal’s office.

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4 Comments on “First Grade At Inskip”

  1. feistysideoffifty Says:

    Oh, Pam–
    I can just imagine your five-year-old self testing out that shower! And, what spunk to walk out of class and head for home all on your own.
    You were a feisty little thing and, I’m thinking, that your feisty side continues to sparkle.
    Can’t wait to hear about the principal’s office!

  2. wooo, she not a good teacher because one student was able to snoop out of the class..She should be motivating students to study and not to feel bad.

  3. I started first grade at age five also! Not many of us did.

    Well, as usual, I can relate! You tell your tale well. I had a screamer too — she also threw books across the room. Sooooooooooo I put my mother’s false eye under one of her books. 🙂 She picked it up to throw it, coincidentally ??? at me. Well, the book went up, not across and she literally danced in place. This was especially fun, as she was a nun! LOL

    Back to the subject — well done as usual. I love your style of story telling.

  4. popartdivatv Says:

    Pam, I’m laughing right now at you marching out of class – I swear I can see you doing it (thanks to the adorable picture of you that you posted!).

    You Little DIVA! LOL.

    I never had a screamer but I had a pincher! The old bag would come up behind you and pinch you really hard – and she loved doing it – you could tell by the mean little smile on her face.

    Too bad they didn’t have teacher cams in those days!

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