Check out my Slide Show!

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5 Comments on “Check out my Slide Show!”

  1. Karlyn Says:

    I enjoyed your slide show of photos. That was really sweet..

  2. Very nice Pam! Sadly, the vast majority of my family pictures were lost in a fire some years ago. Over the years, cousins have given me old baby pictures that had been given to them by my parents but it’s nothing like having those treasured memories of what it was like being a family back then. I have the memories in my head but they get fuzzy sometimes. Thanks for sharing!

  3. popartdivatv Says:

    Oh, I loved it! Especially the photos of you as a little girl! Most of my family photos are in storage in California and I miss looking at them – yours were a wonderful substitute! Thank you!

  4. If a picture is worth a thousand words then your slide show is like a best-seller!

    Thank you for sharing your family with us.

    See you on the 18th!

    Heidi Richards, Founder & CEO
    Women’s eCommerce Association –

  5. Pam, I just LOVE this, I know I’m late discovering this post, but love the slideshow and clicked the link and saved the site to make one of my own sometime.

    Great blog, wonderful header, good to get to know other sides of you! Claudia

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