Future Physicians and Nurses Didn’t Pan Out

64,000 OperationFuture Physicians and Nurses  (Click on image to enlarge) Jeaneane and I had made up our minds what we were going to be when we grew up.  We would both enter the medical field as physicians and/or nurses. 

Nene was a senior in high school, and I was a freshman.  We talked a friend of Nene’s into forming a club with us.  It was called the Future Physicians and Nurses Club.  We are seated in the front row of the picture.  Nene is third from the left, and I am fifth from the left.  As you can see, we got a good group together.   We were great at recruiting people to do most anything.  I have carried that ability through adulthood, to the chagrin of many. LOL

Our first big accomplishment was winning Talent Night at school with our skit “64,000 Operation”.  That right there tells you this took place long ago, because this amount would barely give you an enema to prepare you for surgery now!  I am the one in the dark hair, running around the table.  We had a wheelchair with a Varoom motor on it.  Anyone remember Varoom motors?  It was quite the funny skit.  Yes, we were all into the future doctors and nurses idea.  After all, it was so much fun!

Our enthusiasm was curbed when we were invited to observe open heart surgery.  Just the thought of it deterred me from going and Nene was grounded for washing her hair after Mother told her not to.  Neither of us got to go, and I breathed a big sigh of relief.  I couldn’t stand the sight of blood and I couldn’t imagine viewing the insides of someone else’s body.

I resigned the Future Physicians and Nurses Club and took up Drama.  I won “Best Actress of the Year, in a Dramatic Role”, along with my Thespian honors.  Little did I know that the plan for me was a blend of the two fields.  I am now in health and fitness!  Funny how life’s experiences prepare us for what we are intended to be or do.  I can look back over my life and realize, “That’s why I went through that.  Now I understand.”

I chose the path to preventive medicine and left the nursing to our younger sister, Suzanne.  Jeaneane has done a lot of PR work, drawing from her high school recruiting years, plus she has developed a very successful web advertising company.  We both are entrepreneurs, just as our parents taught us to be.

If you can’t decide what you want to be when you grow up, or maybe you are an adult searching for a business venture.  Take a  little closer look at at some of your previous activities and things that you were passionate about.  You just might find a career path.


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3 Comments on “Future Physicians and Nurses Didn’t Pan Out”

  1. feistysideoffifty Says:

    Pam–This is such a great story about how early interests and passions follow us throughout life. I’m a career and life transition counselor and I often suggest that my clients think back to what they loved to do when they were young because these often hold the keys to happiness and fulfillment.
    And… I can just imagine you as quite the little actress!!!

  2. Pop Art Diva Says:

    I would never make it in any medical profession – I can’t stand to see injuries on other people! I can literally open up a gash on myself and look around inside, but one little scratch on someone else makes my whole body shudder!

    I was an artist coming out of the gate – crayons came out of my mother along with my screaming little body, lol. (I think I was doodling on her insides while I was gestating!)

    It’s funny how our life leads us along our paths! You give so much help with your blogs and websites – you might not have helped as many people as a nurse!

  3. I heard Mike Jeffs, founder of Australian Christian TV say years ago ‘Your passion is your vision’ and I find that so true for many people. But they shove their passions aside not realising that perhaps that’s the key to their intended path for life.

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