Check out my Slide Show!

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4 Comments on “Check out my Slide Show!”

  1. Joyce Mason Says:

    Pam, the slide show with the old family photos is fabulous! I love how it’s created to look like an old 8 mm. movie with the lines and old-style titles. I haven’t had this much boomer fun in my life since joining the Divas!

  2. popartdivatv Says:

    How cute! Were you covered in something gooey on your age 4 photo?

    Was your sister’s name Nene pronouced Nay Nay?

    These pictures remind me so much of my old family pictures – I wish I had them with me but they’re in storage in California. Sure could use some of them on my retro pop culture blog right now.

  3. Pam,

    Love the pictures so much. My parents were never much for putting their pictures into albums, and all of the black and whites, like you have in the slideshow, are in an old shoe box. It used to be I wondered why they weren’t organized enough to get that together, but now the old shoe box itself is a memory, and I think I may borrow it and scan some pictures some day, but the pictures will stay just as they are in the shoebox.

    Claudia, the Happy Nutritionist

  4. Judy Says:

    Even after 10 years it is hard for me to look at the pictures of Curtis. It is kind of bittersweet because i do enjoy the old pictures. Thanks though.
    Judy Payne Farrar

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