Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Suzanne is the baby of the family; child number six.  She had long, blonde, ringlets that hung to her waist.  (She still has hair, just not long or in ringlets. LOL)  I called her Foofanne or Foofie.  Don’t ask me why, it was one of those silly moments we were sharing, and the name stuck.

Suz was a happy child.  She sang all the time!  She was singing solos in church by age four.  “Bye and Bye, when the morning comes.  All the saints of God are gathered home.  We will tell the story, how we’ve overcome.  We will understand it better bye and bye.”  The voice that emitted from that tiny body would shake the rafters. 

Suz loved going to church.  As with all of us, she would get bored and fidgety during Daddy’s long winded sermons.  Mother told her to put some things in her purse to occupy her.  Daddy was wound up.  ” I tell you, friends, there’ll be a PRICE to pay for all these people who are throwing away their money on these GAMBLING tables, while their little children go barefoot!”  His red face reflected the conviction in his voice.  “Amen”  “Preach it brother.”  and other affirmations resounded through the congregation.  “The devil looooooooves to break up families! ”  Daddy’s voice had reached fever pitch, his message prodded by the voices in one accord, encouraging him to preach on.  About this time, a few seconds of quiet changed the tone of the entire service.  For, during this moment of silence, when everyone was absorbing the dynamic spoken words, the click, click, click could be heard all over the room.  All eyes shifted to the innocent four-year old, sitting on the front pew.  Suz was rolling dice on the hard, wooden pew.  She had her monopoly money and cards laid out in front of her.  Fully engaged in her game, she made no connection between what she was doing and Daddy’s sermon.  An extended silence fell over the room.  Snickers and muffled laughter broke their way through the heavy cloud of anxious anticipation.  It was like a ping pong match; eyes volleying their way from the pulpit to Suz, and back to the pulpit, where Daddy stood in stunned disbelief.   After a few seconds, he gathered his wits and threw himself back into his message of condemnation. 

After that episode,  purses were checked at the door, before we left for church.

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5 Comments on “Shake, Rattle, and Roll”

  1. Pam,

    You have a ton of stories that are humorous and enjoyable to read. I’m waiting for the collection to come out in a book.

  2. Our church has “Peaceful Handbags” for the kids. Small bags full of little things to keep them busy. Perhaps it was an incident such as this that prompted the idea!

  3. Pop Art Diva Says:

    I was watching your slide show and started to read this and got hooked, lol.

    How funny! I can just see Foofie smuggling in the Monopoly parts – maybe she thought she could put the money in the plate as her donation!

  4. feistysideoffifty Says:

    Poor Suz, she was just trying to have a bit of fun. But, as they say,the die had been cast. Hope “a joyful noise was made unto the Lord” and everyone had a good laugh at that one!

  5. Joyce Mason Says:

    Foofanne or Foofie is perfect, because in my family, we’d refer to getting gussied up or beautified as “foofing.” Your sis was all foofed up with those cute curls. I remember wearing long curls. Anyone remember how our moms did that without curling irons or modern tools?

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