Sibling Rivalry At It’s Best

One of the many things that was terrific about having brothers and sisters, was all of the things we could do to irritate, humiliate, torment, and embarrass each other.  We lived for it!

I was the victim of so many pranks that it is a wonder I am the least bit intact.  One can safely assume that I was also the culprit of a fair number of monkey shines.  What fun we had, at each other’s expense. 

Sonny, Curtis, and Donna were close in age.  They were forever getting into something, as they experimented with creative ways to play.  It was a beautiful day outside.  The warm breeze floated through the tall oak trees that surrounded the little detached garage.  The deeply grooved boards of the building had been weathered by years of hot sun, hard rains, and windy storms.  The roof was tin, shiny only in the parts that weren’t rusted.  Perched atop the roof, approximately twelve feet off of the ground,  were Sonny and Curtis.  Between them stood Donna.  In her hands was an umbrella, raised and open. Her brothers had convinced her that the umbrella would be a safe and reliable means of transportation to the ground.  They had planted the idea into her innocent mind that she could fly!  Teetering on the edge of the old, dilapidated roof, she was miliseconds away from jumping.  Mother ran out of the house.  Everyone froze in petrified silence. 

“What do you think you’re doing?”  she screamed, as she waved her hands in the air.  “Are you trying to kill her?”  She demanded.  “Get down from there this minute!” 

Weeping and wailing soon followed Sonny and Curtis’s descent from the garage.  The discipline applied to their hind quarters implanted into their minds that they probably shouldn’t do anything like that to their sister again.

You’ve heard the saying “Pay it forward.”  Tune in next blog post for how Donna paid it forward to me.

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7 Comments on “Sibling Rivalry At It’s Best”

  1. Pat Montgomery Says:

    Funny! My sister is still traumatized because I threatened to flush her down the toilet.

  2. I always thought being an only child was the best thing when I was growing up but now that I’m grown I miss not having brothers and sisters to share things with. As a matter of fact, I am the LAST survivor on the Mahone chain link–

  3. feistysideoffifty Says:

    Oh, Pam! You know how I adore the stories of your upbringing with a gaggle of siblings and a houseful of energy. I can’t wait to learn what happened to you… I’m assuming the umbrella wasn’t part of the hijinks but. whatever it was, I’m sure it was a GREAT!

  4. Betty Lynch Says:

    I just love your childhood stories! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Pop Art Diva Says:

    Why does every family with more than one child have an umbrella incident like this, lol?

    Mine was instigated by Butthead (my older brother), I think he was trying to kill me even then, lol.

    That’s okay because I have my revenge by referring to him simply as “Butthead” in every single nostalgia post that involves him on The PopArtDiva Retro Pop Culture Blog!


  6. This is so funny…being the oldest, I guess I must admit I was the “tormentor” in the family, shame on me (hehehe) but believe me, my brother and sister are making up for it big time at every family gathering reminding me of all the things that I did. Ha! Actually makes for some wonderful laughs, worth every tormenting minute 🙂


  7. Lynn Thomas Says:

    I love this story! It brings back lots of funny memories with my sisters. I was the “middle child” and was never old enought to do it or too old to behave like the youngest 🙂

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