Country Bumpkins In Las Vegas

In this continuing saga of sibling prank playing, I have fast forwarded a few years.  Oh, my brothers and sisters do like to have fun, particularly at the expense of each other.

Since the remaining five of us have moved closer together, we get to see each other more than we use to.  A few years ago we were spread out all over the United States.  Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, Texas, here and there we had scattered.  Donna made it possible for us all to meet in Las Vegas for a reunion.  We were so excited to get to spend time together.  We knew the days ahead would be filled with hilarity, performance, lots of eating, and a spat here and there thrown in for good measure.

All of us were arriving at different times, but each time one of us would arive, the rest of us were there to meet them.  Curtis and Judy were to be the last ones to arrive, from Dallas.   Schemer and plotter, whose names shall remain anonymous, but whose initials are Sonny and me, got our heads together.  We felt that Curtis and Judy were worthy of a grand welcome. 

We called Suz and Donna and got them in on the plot.  Nene couldn’t come that year, so we really missed her spice and sarcasm.  We were to all pack hillbilly clothing so that we could give our brother and sis-in-law that good ole homecoming feeling.

We carried our garb to the airport and got dressed there. (We didn’t want to get stopped and searched on the way to the airport).  We were all ready for them!  Curtis and Judy deplaned and came walking into the crowd.  We started singing some dumb song we had made up.  Curtis ignored us and started walking the other way.  We turned to each other and started hugging and yelling “Oh Sister”  “Oh Brother”, as if we hadn’t seen each other in a hundred years.  Curtis acted like he didn’t know us!  He was pushing us away and calling for security! 

One man passed by us, looked at Sonny’s outfit and said, “Nice!” in an envious manner.  Sonny thought he especially liked the tie.

You know what the funniest thing about all of this was?  We blended in.  The crowd in the airport looked as wierd as we did!

Spending time with family can be a drag or you can make it as fun as you want it to be.  Just put your thinking cap on and start plotting.

I put the picture of Sonny, me, and my husband, Chuck at the bottom for the surprise factor. LOLsonny-me-and-chuck-in-vegas

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One Comment on “Country Bumpkins In Las Vegas”

  1. popartdivatv Says:

    What a hilarious prank! And you gotta love those red and white socks with the flower print dress – Ellie May Clampett goes matron, lol.

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